March 28th is a big night for SBG Manchester with Matt Inman and Martin Stapleton headlining FCC 12 in Bolton and BAMMA 19 in Blackpool respectively.

FCC 12

Matt is signed to the Cagewarriors promotion but has been given a one fight release to headline at FCC where he will face David Round at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton, Lancashire on March 28th.

Tickets are available in the gym.

Check out the exclusive video with Matt by clicking the link below


Stape’s will be looking to extend his winning streak in the BAMMA promotion after finishing Sebastian Fournier by rear naked choke at BAMMA 18. He will face Canadian Jeremy Petley in the main event of BAMMA 19 which will take place at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool on March 28th.

Paul Douglas, David Johnson and Jack McGann will also be fighting on the BAMMA card.

Again, tickets are available in the gym

Check out the exclusive interview with Stapes by clicking the link below


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