1608, 2014

MMA Competition Team video

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Here is a look at some of the work that goes on in the mornings at SBG Manchester. This video shows clips of some of the professional and up and coming amateur athletes drill and technical spar. The level and intensity for each individual varies and depends on what stage of fight preparation the fighter […]

807, 2014

Douglas takes 2nd Title

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Paul Douglas returned to competition just a few weeks after taking the title belt in Guensey. This time Dougie fought for the ICE FC title in Irlam


807, 2014

3rd Title for Jarvis

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Last weekend saw Josh Jarvis from Sbg Manchester step into the Cage as the contender for the ICE FC Title belt.

Josh already holds title with two other promotions, one of which he has successfully defended. Here’s the fight so you can see how Joshua went on.


1806, 2014

Martin “50cal” Stapleton

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Stapes headlines FCC 10 this coming weekend. Kingdom MMA caught up with him for a pre fight interview.

Here you go!

2804, 2014

Jarvis takes second Title belt

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Saturday 26th April saw Joshua Jarvis step into the cage to contest for the Rage in The Cage Featherweight title strap. Josh already holds and has defended the FCC belt in the same division.

The fight will be available soon on our main site . Josh secured the Rage in Cage belt in the […]